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the act of hating other religions/ people with different skin colour.it is a common belief that all white people are racist. people who believe this are themselves racist. racism is not just towards black people but towards whites as well. the term "white trash" is highly racist, same with "nigga shit". A white man having a go @ a black man is considered racism but a black man having a go @ a white man is not. for some fucked up reason.
black man: "white trash"
white man: "you fucking racist"
by Yabity October 19, 2010
someone who worships a magical "god". They also worship a Jew but will not hesitate to abuse Jewish people for what they are. How naive to think that there can be one thing running the universe. maybe people would think that humans evolving from apes is far fetched but evolution has been proven. you can't argue with results.
So if you choose to be ignorant and shut the truth out, then that's fine. But if you think about it, wouldn't you rather know where we really came from?
christian: "god is super"
me: "you're full of shit"
by Yabity October 04, 2010
i don't give a shit what you Americans say, Rockvegas is another name for Rockhampton, Queensland. the americans stole the name because they thought it was cool, and because they steal everything from us aussies. Rockvegas is actually a dive, wouldn't want to live there
Steve: hey, Fred.
Fred: ye?
Steve: did i ever tell you i was born in rockvegas?
Fred: ooh, tough luck mate
by Yabity January 08, 2011
the fastest car IN THE WORLD!!! has been known to reach speeds exceeding 450kms/hour. truly a great car. blink & you'll miss it.
fred: ZOMG!!! did you see that?
harry: no, what was it?
fred: DUDE! that was a bugatti veyron supersport!!!!!!!!
by Yabity October 23, 2010
the single most effective weapon against zombies. if you've ever played a zombie game, you know what i'm talking about.
zombie: braaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnssssss
shotgun: BANG!!!!
zombie ooooouuuucchh
by Yabity October 12, 2010
someone who can't drive
by Yabity October 23, 2010

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