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orlovsky by defenition means hot and sexy. The person who will kick ur ass if u mess with his girl.
look....its orlovsky!
by yo April 12, 2004
when you severly piss off a woman she can become uncunted.
after telling my wife ive been cheating on her, she became uncunted and she threw all my things out the window, then reached for a knife, but i fled the scene quickly and eluded her attach.
by YO March 28, 2005
a word shouted when you fake punch someone in the testicles
(punch at nuts) QUABAM!!!!
by yo March 10, 2005
a penis and two balls

a term used to describe your penis

when twig is used alone it often refers to a small penis

see also berries
You hit me in the twig and two berries
by yo May 13, 2004
an eunuch who had recently escape from china
( please report this to the CatchTheRip organization as soon as possible)
by yo April 24, 2005
Those are some drooping berries
by yo May 13, 2004
1. an Italian dessert which is broken
2. a penis which is bent in a direction forming an 'L' shape.

See boomawang for full defenition
Oh my god it looks like a craked canoli
by Yo May 10, 2004
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