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The idea that a middle man will somehow LOWER prices, a.k.a. more perpetual motion from neoliberals.
Privatization's all the rage in Washington right now.
by Xyzzy January 30, 2005
How a mongoloid spells mongoloid.
The guy above me.
by Xyzzy June 08, 2004
someone who used to be on MTV a lot back when it was cool but now MTV doesn't show any music
Veejays are fired at age 25.
by Xyzzy February 08, 2004
Those who put their trust in the facts, as opposed to those who rely on faith. A senior White House aide spoke derisively of the "reality-based community" to reporter Ron Suskind, and the meme spread rather quickly among those who don't think you can get pregnant from masturbation.
Just about anyone who doesn't like Bush.
by Xyzzy January 18, 2005
An Oglala holy man. His memory has been tarnished by malt liquor, prostitutes, sex clubs, and a lot of other vices which would be along the lines of "Pope John Paul II Abortion Clinic".
"Anything a white man says about Crazy Horse is a lie."
by Xyzzy May 29, 2004
To parody a la Mystery Science Theater 3000
Honestly, I'd rather sit through a John Agar film festival than another Gonterman story.
by Xyzzy February 21, 2004
To make authentic. Used by idiots who can't spell "bona fide".
"The artist's signature. Well, that bonifies it."
"You're an idiot."
by Xyzzy May 05, 2005
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