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Same as
Mark: Hey, i got a new blackberry today, a nice white one
Ian: samesies!
Mark: Ah!, kool :)
by Xxhackreeem_razorxX April 01, 2010
Addcition to Facebook
James: Dude, what are you doing?
Adam: I'm on facebook.
James: You're always on that thing.
Adam: No i ain't!
James: Yes you are, you've got Facebookerosis
by Xxhackreeem_razorxX December 08, 2009
trying to have a relationship with every male on thier facebook friends list
mary: what are you doin?
jane: chattin up a guy
mary: that same guy?
jane: no a different guy
Mary: Why, whats wrong wiv u, u must sum facebookerslag!!!
jane: i cant help it :P
by Xxhackreeem_razorxX January 07, 2010
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