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Puerto Rican slang for a person who is high.
High, blasted or wasted.
Male = Arrebatao'
Female = Arrebataa'
Este tipo esta bien arrebatao!

That guys is very high!
by Xiomar September 10, 2008
Puerto Rican slang for lie.
Puerto Rican slang for fake
No me metas fecas = Don't feed me lies.
Ese tipo es pura feca = That guy is a pure fake.
by Xiomar September 10, 2008
Puerto Rican Spanish for shoe lace.
"estoy suelta como gabete"

I am as loose as a shoe lace
by Xiomar September 10, 2008
Doncella is a Spanish word meaning young virgin woman. Usually in their teens.
In Puerto Rico is more commonly known as a young beautiful girl in her teens.
Esa doncella es mi hija.
That doncella is my daughter.
by Xiomar September 10, 2008
Literal translation is cloudiness.
In Puerto Rico it is used in slang as shady. Something that is not right, unclear, wrong or weird.
Yo noto mucho nebuleo, tu crees que me esta metiendo las cabras?

I note a lot of "nebuleo", do you think he's cheating on me?
by Xiomar September 10, 2008
Differs from country to country
Puerto Rico: Literal translation is head.

Me di un cantazo en la chola!

I bumped my headA
by Xiomar September 10, 2008

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