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A small rodent that lives in your head. It has big round eyes, four feet, the nose of a dog and a massive belly. If you get angry, upset or annoyed this small rodent makes you say: "FUCK".
Two angry people have a argument - "WHAT THE FUCK!?", "Dude! Calm the fuck down!"
by XeonNyle April 06, 2010
When you get hit by a mobile phone in the head from over 12 feet away. The mobile phone doesn't have to be made by Nokia, it could be made by any mobile phone company. To "Nokie" someone you must also cause some physical bruising to the head. Which is why it takes incredible skill to "Nokie" someone.
If you hit someone with a mobile phone from over 12 feet away you would shout: "YOU JUST GOT NOKIED!". Or if you were the person who got hit you would say: "I just got nokied!".
by XeonNyle April 05, 2010
Another word for being "owned", "taken down" or "killed" in an online game.
Someone kills another person in COD MW2 - "YOU JUST GOT LILLAGED, BITCH!"
by XeonNyle April 06, 2010

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