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Means insistent or forceful.
I decided to answer her, now that she was more emphatic.
by XXHolic October 23, 2010
inactive or not moving
She never was sedentary, even when asleep.
by XXHolic October 23, 2010
ease, alleviate, reduce, lessen, lighten, help
The ten-year-old boy helped relieve the old lady of the heavy burden of her grocery bags.
by XXHolic October 26, 2010
not moving
Guy 1: I told my sister that I lift weights and she won't believe me! I told her that I could carry the football field and she's coming around later to see!

Guy 2: Are you crazy? The football field's stationary! And anyway, it's too damn heavy for you to carry!
by XXHolic October 23, 2010
Special paper used to write love letters/notes and stuff like that. It comes in different colors, could be scented, have picture backgrounds or borders.

Foten confused with stationary.
Girl A: I wanna write <insert name here> a love letter. Got any stationery?
Girl B: Oh yeah. Loads. I collect it actually!
by XXHolic October 23, 2010

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