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Stupid drivers who cut you off, fail to use a turn signal, go 20 miles under the speed limit, and/or go 20 miles over the speed limit. Then they give you dirty looks and/or yell at you like it was your fault they were born a natural moron.
These Texas drivers are a bunch of cock monkeys.
That cock monkey cut me off at Division St. then flipped me off.
by wulfy May 19, 2007
A room mate that holds no job but has a lot of money in a bank account, like he/she got a huge settlement from being hit from a car or a rich uncle died.
Phil, the guy on the couch, got 6 figures when that 18-wheeler hit him!!
by Wulfy August 26, 2007
Someone who is being an ass, but being funny at the same time. Friends use it in their own cliques or groups.
Faber, quit being a gerfwanker.
by Wulfy March 27, 2007
a cross between an asshole and a retarded four year old
Hey dumpy dits, get the fuck outta my kitchen!

Its the dumpy dits again, Kris and Faber!!!
by Wulfy August 26, 2007
A new age style of passing the pot. instead of a set rotation (using words such as 'duces' and 'traces') you hit it, then set it back down. then who ever wants it next gets it. if two or more people want the smoking apparatus, a game of rock paper scissors ensues. while the game goes on, someone else can get the piece.
Dude, I got second to last this past round. lets go freestyle.
by Wulfy March 23, 2008
A school in arlington texas that has educated several olympic stars.

But as of late, the school in education, sports and fine arts is in a decline due to the new principal, Mr. Provence, and several other new teachers and all the damn rent-a-cops.
My last year in Lamar was hell. Mr. Provence is a dumbass!
by Wulfy November 10, 2007
a term to describe a state of extreme stain and exaustion, excessive amounts of pain, or pure, obsene and raw sex.
Faber meefs every girl he meets.
I kicked Ray in the balls, and he said 'Meef'!
Mikey meefed on the couch.
by Wulfy April 17, 2007

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