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There are 2 major meanings for this word.
1. An alcoholic drink
2. A major record label side-project from Slipknot
1. "Oh i had some Stone Sour last night and i am blitzed this morning"
2. "I saw Stone Sour in concert last night and they rocked."
by Wuggles9786 November 18, 2006
Automated robots on Aol Instant Messenger(aim) that constantly go off topic and try to help out the average user.
Known Bots:
-Moviefone(Helps on upcoming movies and ones showing in theaters)
-Smarterchild(Can help on anything needed and usually sways offtopic very quickly)
-HowToUseIM(For beginners just getting aim to learn the basics)
-ZolaOnAol(Now retired but was just like Smarterchild. If you IM her now she will put the same retired message up and offer you to IM Smarterchild)
-AOLSafetyBot(Used to learn how to stay protected over the internet from trojans, viruses, worms and other intruders)

Example 1:"I was talking to this aim bot and he completely didn't know what i was saying!"
Example 2:"Chatting with aim bots is stupid, you should really try and find a friend's screename and talk to them."
by Wuggles9786 November 18, 2006
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