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The way people who aren't smart (but think they are) say "specific". Used mostly by people who elect to represent themselves during a criminal trial, and dummies who don't understand questions during a job interview and want to buy more time in order to think of a good bull-shit lie. You should never correct someone who says "pacific" instead of "specific" because it is a very easy way to instantly guage IQ.
Uh... I don't know which robbery you are talking about Your Honor. Can you please be more pacific?
by Wordy McWorderson March 20, 2010
A term of endearment which refers to fire fighters. Usually used by police officers or other law enforcement officials.
Smell that BBQ by the fire hall? Those hose monkeys are cooking up a feast! Do they ever work?
by Wordy McWorderson March 19, 2010
Term used to describe a middle-aged single woman, usually employed in a dead-end civil servant job. The lemon face has horrible people skills, is angry at the world, and with her life. She is the one who sits in her cubicle with a perpetual sour-puss look on her face. Lemon faces are typically employed by their respective civil service to be customer service reps.
I waited for 2 hours to renew my drivers licence but when I finally reached the counter, the lemon faced customer service rep told me I didn't have the right documents. Then she said "sucks to be you"
by Wordy McWorderson August 09, 2011

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