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The act of making a "raspberry" sound with one's mouth, while it is between a pair of labia. The vaginal equivalent of the "motorboat".
"Her baloney flaps were so large, I couldn't help planting my face in there and doin' the twatcopter." or "It's a lot harder to pull off a resonant twatcopter if she's got a 70's porno bush."
by WordTournament May 04, 2009
A threesome involving two blonde participants, generally wrapped around a lucky black participant. Inspired by "jean tuxedo" (denim jacket & blue jeans).
"Did you hear than Marisa Miller and Heidi Klum double-teamed Seal? I'd give anything to see THAT blonde tuxedo!"
"Apparently Timberlake and Diaz broke up after he asked Halle Berry if she'd like to slip on a blonde tuxedo."
by WordTournament May 03, 2009

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