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The best ilusionist ever! (Despite what other people may tell you.)
Watch Criss Angel on A&E at 10:00 P.M., like i do!
by Word Master123 August 24, 2006
Said before telling someone bad news.
(Another way of saying rain on your parade.)
I hate to shit on your parade, but your dog just died.
by Word Master123 August 25, 2006
A phrase used by a homo sexual or gay man to ask another man if they are gay and would like to get it on with them.

The other man will either respond with, "Yes i have a liscene for my lawn mower, indicating that yes, they are gay and want to get it on, or no, that they do not have a licsense for their lawn mower, indicating that they are straight.
"Do you have a license for that lawn mower?"

by Word Master123 August 25, 2006
1.A small piece of poop that you see in the toilet after taking a shit that reminds you of a dumpling.
2.A general insult to anyone.
1.I think I have diaria, i found about 20 turd dumplings in my shit this morning.
2.Timmy is a fucking turd dumpling
by Word Master123 August 24, 2006
1.A long, large piece of shit that when, after shitting it out, you dont have to wipe.

2.An offensive word to call a jock.
1.I never poop out anything but sturdy-turds.

2.All the players on our football team are sturdy-turds!
by Word Master123 August 25, 2006
When your dick tilts to the left or the right so you cant pee straight
I pissed all over the bathrooom yester cause i had a bad cock hanger!
by Word Master123 August 26, 2006
A loser, idiot, or cockface.
My french teacher is a wangshitter
by Word Master123 August 24, 2006
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