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A gangster muslim.
I thought that thug was a mexican, but it turns out he's an urban turban.
by Woob May 25, 2004
Vegetarian form of masturbation, more politically so you don't offend vegetarians / vegans.
Fucking Hippie, Go beat your wheat!
by Woob November 01, 2004
I've changed and you don't live up to my newly skewed standards.
- Wanna hang out like old Times?
- You've changed.
- WTF?!
by Woob November 26, 2004
A thinly veiled euphemism for anal sex.
In prison "the san francisco treat" is served at more than just lunch.
by Woob December 13, 2004
An abbreviation of 3 letters: Bet, Shin and Daled that are used by orthodox Jews to mark the upper right corner of a written paper.
Sometimes can appear on the left upper corner, indicating the writer is not ashkenazi Jew.

Dear John, by the time you'll read this lines I'll be gone...
by Woob March 15, 2005
Rhymes with leetsauce but is the noun form of skeet, referring to cum, jizz, siemen.
I dotted her eyes with my skeetsauce.
by Woob March 05, 2004
Like racism, but more fun.
-What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

-Nothing, you done told her twice.
by Woob June 28, 2005

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