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A Jewish Person of Eastern Euro Backround. Potato Knishes, Potato Pancakes were invented by Ashkenazi Jews with eastern european backrounds.
The Beastie Boys are Ashkenazi Jewish people.
by Modern Jewry Education September 22, 2006
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Jewish people who live in Europe and speak Yiddish. A small population today.

It roughly translates to "Jew from Germany", or the many names for the region comprising Germany today.
אויב איר קענען לייענען דעם, איר זאל זיין אַשקענאַזי

If you are Jewish born in Europe and live in Europe, you are ashkenazi
by random passerby #234235 April 28, 2014
1) a fake jew from present day area between turkey and armenia. later converted to judaism and now think they are the real jews. the real jews are sephardic jews.

2) a jewish nazi hence ashkeNAZI
1) man... i think ashkenazi jews should be in armenia. how could herzl be so wrong.

2) theodor herzl was a ashkeNAZI and wanted to kill the palestininans
by benjamin stern January 26, 2009
(n) one of the nusachs of the Jewish religon. They eat cholent, gefilta fish, carrot tzimus, kishka and harring with vodka. They try to force other nusachs to be like them through ashkifyication. There are also yeshivish ones who try more then other ashkenazim to ashkify people. This group comes from europe and is the most infeiror nusach in the Jewish religon.
you silly ashkenazi, its not shabbos its shabbat.

being a supiror sephardi, i wear a talit from after im bar mitzviah.
by Doodles613 February 27, 2005

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