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2 definitions by WinterArmageddon

Used to refer to overzealous and poorly thought-out patriotism. If somebody is exhibiting these traits, it is said that they have a Star Spangled Boner.
I wish all these morons who are celebrating Osama Bin Ladin's death would put away their star spangled boners. It doesn't mean terrorism is over, and besides, everyone with half a brain knows 9/11 was an inside job anyhow.
by WinterArmageddon May 05, 2011
Anybody who buys into the retarded "gangsta" culture of today's world. People who wear urban, baggy clothes and play loud, terrible music in their cars. Even people who actually sell drugs, pimp hoes, are in a gang, or carry around guns, are not real gangsters. Real gangsters were Italian. These fakesters are people who have no regard for human life, have no self-esteem, and are quite simply detriments to society. Somewhere along the line, mainstream culture decided to market these backwards "ideals" as cool and glamorous. So anyone dumb enough to buy into, support, participate in, or present themselves as such, should be revealed for the brainless fakester that they really are.
Man, all these gun-toting little wannabe gangster fakesters ought to all be round up and locked in a large arena that is set on fire and burned to the ground.
by WinterArmageddon January 25, 2012