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The sound associated with intestinal gas and raw oatmeal are expelled from the anus following an unsuccessful feeding session with an anal feeding tube.
"After the disease progressed too far, they could not even feed poor Stanley with the oatmeal, for when they pulled out the hose (from his anus), it (the oatmeal) just came back out... furp...furp...furp."
by Winky November 22, 2003
A Transcendentalist during the middle 1800s, who wrote essays like Nature and Self-Reliance, both garbage works of literature where he rambles on about nature and whatever other bullshit he can think of. Long winded sentences that have no meaning, yet we actually read this idiot. Emerson has actually been proven to be a flaming homosexual with his protege, Henry David Thoreau, who lived in a fucking log cabin all his life, masterbating a lot.
All the teachers say that you shouldn't write like that idiot Emerson.
by Winky March 04, 2005

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