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13 definitions by Wingy

The act of attempting to shave your testicles with a standard face razor. Difficult, pointless and dangerously easy to make a mistake. Also difficult to explain what you're doing if your mum walks in.
"I had to go to hospital yesterday, had a danger shave and my hand slipped. I got four stitches!"
by Wingy December 12, 2005
12 2
Usually meaning you are not confused about your sexuality, can be used as the ending to a sentence that you just realised made you sound a little homosexual.

From the Pub Landlord played by Al Murray in Time Gentlemen Please
"I was just curious, y'know, as to the mechanics of the whole business. What do they get up to? I was never confused!"
by Wingy May 11, 2006
10 2
When a gang boss wants you dead he may send someone to bring you to his office. The floor will have a plastic sheet over it so that when he shoots you and your body slumps to the floor, no one has to go through the trouble of removing the blood from the floor.

Standing on Plastic has evolved into a general term for someone powerful wanting you dead.
"Oh man, Chavez went crazy when I told him on the phone that I screwed up the vault job! He invited me to his office, I reckon I'm standing on plastic!"
by Wingy July 11, 2006
8 1
When someone asks you a simple question and for no reason at all you have to replay the question in your head, think about it for a second and then come up with the answer.

This can occur when you are either immersed in something else, or just so bored that your brain has decided to take a nap.

Often affects people on medication, alcohol or illegal drugs, but can happen to anyone.
"Dude, was it you that left the gerbil in the fridge?"

"Wha' . . . Ger'um'ah, yeah."

"What the hell have you been smoking? He's shaking like a head-knocker."

"Um . . . your stash. Sorry man got a little Brain Clog today."
by Wingy July 04, 2006
5 0
Anything small, ugly and annoying. Children for example. Used in Ghostbusters to describe slimer.
"He's an ugly little spud isn't he?"
Ray Stanz, Ghostbusters.
by Wingy December 12, 2005
13 8
The centre layer of an Oreo Cookie left several years past it's sell by date. Depending on where stored you can end up with it smelling a bit like cheese.
"I just moved in and found some really old Oreos on top of the fridge, they stank of Oreo Cheese though!"
by Wingy July 04, 2006
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