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-a lowering of ones standards due to the addition of offspring

-the low-quality standards one accepts as impressive because it was something done by their own child.

-combines the terms "breeder" & "mediocre" or "mediocrity"
Aprils facebook page hit a new level of breediocre/breediocrity when she couldn't stop bragging that Caydyn had "pooped in the potty!"

Due to her breediocre/breediocrity lifestyle, Tiffany could no longer spend $100 on a pair of jeans.
by Willow1207 November 26, 2012
-an activity that used to be easy and/or fun but is now time consuming & difficult since the addition of offspring in the form of a child/children

-a combination of the terms "breeder" & "tedious" (long & tiresome, causing weariness or boredom, synonyms: wearing, boring, tiring, monotonous, dull)
Since the birth of the new baby, trips to the grocery store have become very breedious.

Listening to Amber talk about her plans for little Madysyn's third birthday party was breedious.

Having to get up an hour earlier than normal to get kids ready for school before work or helping with homework projects in the evenings instead of relaxing are breedious activities that I have no interest in ever doing.
by Willow1207 November 26, 2012

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