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1. A cancer that occurs in the semi-colon. It is deadly. Side-effects include: a coma and/or massive periods, even in men.

2. A minor bout of colon cancer, not to be confused with number 1.

3. A semi-colon that pops outs out of your printer, copier, scanner, etc. irregularly.
I have a period and I'm a man. I must have Semi-Colon Cancer! Darn it.
by Whitem@il January 05, 2011
(Derived from Prohibition) To be as pro as a Scofflaw during prohibition.
"I just had a 31 kill streak in Call of Duty"
"Too proh, dude."
by Whitem@il December 13, 2011
Turtle (v) - to hunt for turtles. If you can fish for fish, crab for crabs, whale for whales and even shark for sharks, why can't you turtle a turtle. Exactly.

Syn: Tortugar
Mairead and I decided to go turtling in the Mississippi River for a week in the summer.

Trayer loves to turtle.

Babatunde went out to the Port of Long Beach and turtled.
by Whitem@il June 07, 2011
(n) - a word of unknown meaning. From what we know, it is a completely and utterly the most terrible thing you can ever say, and if you happen to say it, you have a large chance of forgetting to look both ways before you cross the street.
"You are suspended!"

*while walking home*
Johny is dead...
by Whitem@il September 09, 2011
(n) - Condition of physiological paralysis that starts at the fingers and spreads throughout the rest of the body. It occurs in individuals who spam too much. The mind of a Spammeritus patient can only focus on spamming and can no longer do anything else besides breathe, eat and possibly talk. The only cure to Spammeritus is to wait until the mind can begin to function properly again.
DJ used Samus' cannon way too much and caught a very severe case of spammeritus.
by Whitem@il August 19, 2011
An exclamation of confusion that is used so you can pretend that you said "Frequently Asked Questions".
What happened:
Teacher: "Hey Charlie, what's 2+2?"
Charlie: "Ta FAQ?"
Teacher: "What did you say?"
Charlie: "I said that was a frequently asked question, sir."

What would have happened:
Teacher: "Hey charlie what's 2+2"
Charlie: "The f***?"
Teacher: "Principles office. NAO"
by Whitem@il August 06, 2011
A person who is 12.5 percent god. Most Half Demisemi gods don't even know they are in fact a Half Demisemi god cause no one gives a shit if you are even a Demi God.
The Half Demisemi God in my History Class still managed to get detention 3 times a week and pull out of the class with a D-.
by Whitem@il August 06, 2011

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