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noun. The sexual act in which the individual performing oral sex scratches all the mosquito bites, flea bites, or other points of itch and irritation on the recipient of said oral sex at the point of climax, thereby maximizing sexual pleasure. Perfect for summer nights and wilderness adventurers.
Shares a common etymology with "blumpkin"
I was getting itchkin so hard last night that my girl's acrylics fell off in the bed.
by Whimsy December 13, 2007
Any obsolete or obscure device, equipment, piece of technology, or object, usually no longer being produced and seldom needed, with the exception of a single infrequent critical task.

Due to it's depreciated status, it is usually a near impossible item to acquire, however it is not necessarily expensive.
IT Guy 1: To get Harvey's favourite astrology program to work, I'll have to somehow get a hold of a 5.25'' floppy drive.

IT Guy 2: Oh man, where you gonna get a dodo egg like that? No one's making floppy drives anymore! Can't you just get him a newer program?

IT Guy 1: I wish, but he insists that no other program will do. Besides, he pays hourly.
by Whimsy September 26, 2010
In the instance that any kind of electronic device fails to work (i.e. a computer, printer, photocopier, etc) where the resolution is to ensure that steps are followed to achieve simple operation (i.e. Turning it on, replacing the batteries, or installing a power cable). Specifically, this is change a device from a state of nothingness to a state of completion or back by way of any single step.
"The printer required a binary fix"

"The power button required a binary fix"

"The ink cartridge was depleted and needed to be replaced. It was a binary fix."
by Whimsy October 20, 2008
A female stud.
Mary was as much a slut as Darren was a stud, and what followed after the dance was a match made in heven.
by Whimsy December 25, 2009
A male slut.
"Darren 'The Stud' Johnson enjoyed long nights of casual encounters with his classmates, but when he met that slut Maria, the entire school knew that both of them were lost in each other forever."
by Whimsy December 25, 2009

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