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A version of "flip my biscuits" and "flipped her/his biscuits".

Meaning that someone may go crazy. Most commonly used to explain what someone else has caused to happen.
Ahh man, I know she was harsh in rejecting you, but don't flip your biscuits over it.
by Whatda October 28, 2010
A variation of "flip my biscuits." This is its past tense meaning that she has lost control; she has gone nuts.

Can also be "flipped his biscuits."
When she found out that her sister went on a date with her boy friend, she flipped her biscuits.
by whatda October 25, 2010
To lose control. When cooking biscuits, you do not flip them. Since it is something that you do not do, if someone makes you go crazy over something, they will make me "flip my biscuits."
If she comes in here again talking about how much money she saved by spending money while shopping I am going to flip my biscuits on her.
by Whatda October 25, 2010
This is not about the airforce, football or even the clothing industry; The Whole Nine Yards refers to the amount of conrete that was in the original concrete trucks (9 cubic yards).
Concrete Company "How much do you need for the sidewalk?"

Contractor- "The whole nine yards."
by Whatda May 26, 2010

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