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When playing overgrown on mw2 you camp in the river because the opposing team has to cross the only 3 bridges which are clearly visible.
Bedneezy-Yo there going over the far bridge.
Jb45-I have 2 on main bridge.
Wienerbago-How do you know that!?
Bedneezy-We are the Mw2 river rats!
by wedbetter May 01, 2010
Using your fellow teammates on mw2 as decoys to lure out enemys so you won't die
Wedbetter-dang bedneezy stop using wienerbago as your mw2 chump bait.
Bedneezy-heck no fool I don't wana die.
by wedbetter March 27, 2010
When you are shot to the point of death but don't die and have red blood that resembles jelly all over your screen
Bedneezy-dang man look at all this mw2 jelly on my screen.

Wedbetter don't u mean jam?

Wienerbago-whats jam?!?
by Wedbetter April 30, 2010
When sniping in excess on mw2 you become burnt out and can't snipe anyone or anything.
Bedneezy-OMG I'm 1-9 I can't get a kill.
Wedbetter-Dude pull out ur secondary.
Wienerbago-He must suffer from mw2 sniper block.
by wedbetter May 02, 2010
When people mostly little kids are overly stimulated from playing a game that is to mature for thier age. Warning signs include excessive violence or hostility to other players, large amounts of bragging and or giggling.
Wedbetter-Why is wienerbago always giggling?
Bedneezy- He must have mw2 disease.
by wedbetter May 02, 2010
When playing mw2 you camp so raw and dirty that it becomes impossible for you to lose.
Bedneezy-Jb45 is camping so sick.
Wedbetter-Bro he camps all the corners....at the same time.
Wienerbago-Hes like the mw2 chuck norris of camping.
by wedbetter May 02, 2010

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