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1. quite literally "no one loves you"
2. A way to tell someone that they are being annoying.
3. reason why someone isn't getting something they want.
1."No one loves you"
2. "Gawd shut up! No one loves you!"
3. a: "Why didn't you call and tell me, why don't i get any?
b. "No one loves you!!"
by WeWereMentToLive February 19, 2005
1. Something said after you insult someone an dthey have no come back.
2. While wlking around
3. When you win an argument
4. When one does something really kool that like no ones else can do!
1. a) "Dirty Skank Whore!"
a)"ohhhhh WHAT NOW? WHAT NOW?"
2. "oh what now"
3. a) "the square root of 36 is 5.5"
4. a) *does double tuck, back hanspring, front hand spring, from standing* OHHHHH WHAT NOW!?!? WHAT NOW?!?!
by WeWereMentToLive March 03, 2005

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