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An awesome pop-rock band from Poway, California. :)
They were first noticed when they attended a Jonas Brothers concert and handed out flyers in 2009. They are currently signed to Hollywood Records and recently released their debut album "Suddenly" on June 21st.

Zach Porter: Vocals
Cameron Quiseng: Bass
Nathan Darmody: Lead guitar, Vocals
Michael Martinez: Drums

YouTube: outerspaceallstar
Twitter: AllstarWeekend
Facebook: AllstarWeekend
MySpace: AllstarWeekendMusic
Official Website:
Person 1: Hey, have you heard of Allstar Weekend?

Person 2: YES. I love A-Dub! Actually, I'm listening to Suddenly right now. :D

Person 1: Their music is awesome. :)

Person 2: Indeed it is. ;)
by lostindanni August 17, 2010
A band that started as a garage band, about two years ago, following The Jonas Brothers on their tour and playing outside their venues. A Disney scout spotted them and put them in the Next big thing competition. Even though they lost, they got signed to Hollywood Records, and appear on Disney Channel and MTV every so often. Despite popular belief; they are NOT a Disney band (even though that's how they got their start) and were a band WAY before Big Time Rush was even put together by Nickelodeon. Also, Unlike Big Time Rush, they write their own music, have deep voices, weren't put together, and don't have a comedy show because they are to busy working on new music and albums, rehearsing and playing concerts for their adoring fans, having USTREAMS and Stickams for their fans, and hanging out w/ their fans.

Zachary David Porter: lead vocals
Cameron Michael Quiseng(Key-Sang): bass
Michael Allen Martinez: drums
Nathan Sean Darmody: guitar/backup vocals
Dillon Anderson: (live member) piano/guitar

Past Members:
Benjamin Ross: piano/guitar
Tom Noriss: piano/guitar
1) BTR Fan: Allstar Weekend Only got signed by Disney so they could compete with Nick's latest success, Big Time Rush (Yes, copy BTR)
Anyone w/ common sense (and a brain): Actually, A-Dub was a band way before BTR existed.

2) friend: Why do you like Allstar Weekend?
Me: Because they are super sweet, down-to-earth, funny, adorable, have amazing music, actually play their instruments and sing on stage, have Meet 'n' Greets at every single concert, and love their fans.
by CommonSense5 May 21, 2011
Allstar Weekend is the most amazing and talented band in the world. Zachary David Porter, Cameron Michael Quiseng, Michael Martinez, and Nathan Darmody. (Live member: Dillon Anderson)
They were discovered outside of a Jonas Brothers concert and signed to Hollywood Records.
They are soo incredibly cute and just released a new song on Aug.16 called 'Blame it on September' and their new album 'All The Way' comes out on September 27.
Anyone who says they were only signed to compete with Nick Jonas needs to get their facts straight because they were signed before the JoBros went solo. And they arent competing with Big Time Rush because, again, ASW was signed before them. Ive heard some people say theyd rather die in a hole than see Allstar Weekend live. Well to them, have fun with that. :)
Lesson: Don't diss a band. Theyre are at least a 100,000 girls supporting any band that will gladly kick your ass.
Adub forever.<3
"Hey, have you heard of ALLSTAR WEEKEND?"
"Yeah, they suck!"
-promptly kicks ass-
by Allstarsecretlifeforeever September 11, 2011
A wonderful, new-ish band who 1. Got signed by Hollywood Records after winning Disney's Next Big Thing 2. Yes, style of music is COMPLETELY different from BTR 3. Have a band name Allstar Weekend 4. Only got signed because of their raw talent and their music.

They actually resemble no band as Big Time Rush. I mean, seriously "LOOK AT THEM" Allstar Weekend actually has 5 people in their band and they all play instruments. Their sound of music is so different and I'd say the only thing that's similar ABOUT them is just saying they have the same genre. Does all pop music sound the same? Oh of course.

Big Time Rush's music would be more similar to N'Sync. Their personalities are so unalike. The singer, Zach, is Irish, Scottish and Polish, so different from James from BTR, who is Russian. None are trying to be the hot-shot leader of the band and all actually love their fans. And there is a Spanish dude in each band! OMG that just makes it clear that they have the same personalities. Cause all spanish people think the same way. Jeez man do your research before you write a definition. Having 3 arguments doesn't make your statement clear.

I personally think Allstar Weekend is NOT going to epically fail. And I'm right. They are continuing to grow and now, they're on tour with Selena Gomez. And you can click the thumbs down button all you want, but face the facts: THEY TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM BIG TIME RUSH WHO HAS AMAZING MUSIC, if you gave them the damn chance. Stop being judgmental.
Person 1: Is that Allstar Weekend group like Big Time Rush?
Person 2: No not at all!!!

Person 2: I checked out Allstar Weekend's music!
Person 1: What'd you think?
by teephaneyyy August 01, 2011
All Star Weekend is fairly new and consists of four band members; Zach, Cameron, Nathan and Matthew. They premiered their first music video; A Different Side of Me, on Disney Channel in early 2010.
Back in February of 2009, the band attended the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Premiere, and handed out flyers, three days later they received a call from Hollywood Records.
Disney pop/rock bands AllStar Weekend
by justinfigureitout March 31, 2010
A stupid, new-ish band who 1. Only got signed by Disney so they could compete with Nick's latest success, Big Time Rush 2. Yes, copy BTR (ok lots of ppl don't really like BTR who even view this site) 3. Have a stupid band name 4. Only got signed bcuz yes the do resemble Big Time Rush but Disney is looking for their next new and hottest success, and no, these people are not even close to hot.

I mean, seriously. Just LOOK at them, and compare them with Big Time Rush. They have 4 guys in their band, thats a start...ok well no one in BTR plays an instrument, but still.

Their music similar, and so are their personalities. The singer, Zach, is too much like James from BTR: trying to be the hot-shot leader of the band, fake that they r sooo humble...yeah right. And there is a Spanish dude in each band, Carlos from BTR and Michael Martinez (right...? idk but there is a spanish dude in there) And they all just share the same personalities.

I personally think that ASW (Allstar weekend...if u haven't figured it out) is gonna epically fail. And you can click the thumbs down button all you want, but face the facts: THEY ARE COPYCATS WHOS MUSIC SUCKS!
Queerdo: Hayyy wanna come see Allstar Weekend IN CONCERT WITH ME?!?!?! PLEASE! THEY R SOOOO AWESOME!!!

Me: I'd rather die alone in a hole.
by Watever4344 December 28, 2010
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