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Multiple key changes in any sappy song used for dramatics and to manipulate emotions - an art especially exploited by Barry Manilow.
My choir director shouted out to us while we were singing, "Get ready for the Barry Manilow key change!"
by waterspout April 21, 2011
A term applied to gooey, underbaked goods (brownies, cookies and the like) suggesting the possibility of contracting salmonella poisoning due to the raw/uncooked eggs in the dough.
Take those out of the oven, I don't want them overbaked, I prefer salmonella brownies.
by waterspout July 06, 2011
for tired Mom's or Dad's: refers to the endless pile of laundry that never diminishes, despite washing, drying & folding several loads day after day after day.

Also: For Mom's who breastfeed and start to feel like a farm animal, the baby is ALWAYS nursing.
I've nursed the baby 14 times today, I feel like Mt. Neverest.
by Waterspout April 20, 2011

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