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A made-up name. See A Fish Called Wanda.
Otto: "Look, you obviously don't know anything about intelligence work, lady. It's an X-K-Red-27 technique."
Wendy: "My father was in the Secret Service, Mr. Manfredjinsinjin, and I know perfectly well that you don't keep the general public informed when you are 'debriefing KGB defectors in a safe house.'"
by Wasser Tizfiddle October 24, 2004
An exclamation, for when it seems that one has the world on a string.
Groucho: Hey, here come some twenty-year old blonde co-stars!
Chico: Noice!
by Wasser Tizfiddle October 25, 2004
Any overarching demonstration of masculinity--usually meant insultingly.
Ted: "Hey, Bobbi!"
Perry: "Hey, Bobbi!"
Fagin: "Hey, Bobbi!"
Bobbi: "What is this, a cock circus?"
by Wasser Tizfiddle October 31, 2004
Any uninhabitable place--like a pigsty, but rather than accomidating for pigs, it is accomidating for shit.
Selon: "Well, let's clean up this shitsty."
Accord: "Go fuck yourself. I'm not cleaning up jack squat."
Skelk: "I hate it when we fight."
by Wasser Tizfiddle October 31, 2004
A way of declaring that one will not sit in the much-hated middle seat between two fatasses and no window. Unless it is recognized, Park must squeeze in like an ass.
Clarp: Shotgun!
Meno: Recognized.
Wels: Witness.
Gunman: Shotleft!
Meno: Recognized.
Wels: Witness.
Thaiman: Shotnotbitch!
Wels: Shithorse!
by Wasser Tizfiddle November 03, 2004
So pathetic it's ridonkulus.
Alpha: "Did you see that shithead Zveex? He was pouring bubble solution on Mahkus."
Beta: "Man, that Zveex is pathotic."
by Wasser Tizfiddle October 31, 2004
When someone calls a seat in a car, such as "shotgun" or "shotnotbitch," the driver of the car mus say, "Recognized," or else the shot-calling doesn't count.
Ikil: Shotgun!
Tybm: Recognized!
by Wasser Tizfiddle November 04, 2004
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