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a MANimal is a MAN with animal like instincts and qualitys such as the heart of a lion and the strength of a bear! He has no fear and stares straight into the face of danger conquering any obstacle or challenge that stands in his way.

The word MANimal can also be used in the gym counting reps while having a monster weights session (check the example)

Also it is a pose called 'The MANimal look
Also it is a pose called 'The MANimal look'
Duuuuude have you seen how much hes lifting! he's a MANimal

Andy: Jaden are you sure you want to bench 140k?

Jaden: Yes of course you know me im a MANimal

Andy: duh! silly me of course you are!! ok ready?......3,2,1 GO!

1 MANimal, 2 MANimal, 3 MANimal, 4 MANimal........
by WarriUGHH August 02, 2011
an ex that stops you from getting with another girl
Mate i was well in with that Razz but my pussy blocker ex girlfirend turned up and blocked that shit!!
by WarriUGHH July 31, 2011
When the sky is red in the evening you know its likely to be sunny the next day giving you an opportunity to 'get your tan on'
Red sky at night!, Tanners Delight!!

Red sky in morning, Tanners warning!
by WarriUGHH August 05, 2011
A TANiMANimal is half TANimal half MANimal
Basically a MANimal that in the summer makes his TANNING Routine as important as his GYM routine = TANiMANimal
997 MANimal, 998 MANimal, 999 MANimal, 1000 MANimal!
Right workout done, lets get some rays! failing that we'll get on those Mother flippin' sunbeds TANiMANimal!
by Warriughh January 21, 2012

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