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The button that triggers an alarm on a bus or taxicab when the driver is in fear of being robbed or assaulted, the alarm notifies the police that the driver is in distress.
I don't think the bus driver likes the looks of us, LeRoy, I'll betcha he presses the nigger trigger!
by Warnhubb December 07, 2006
When someone is immune to being arrested by the police because they are too filthy to touch. Typically, this would be a skid row bum who stinks to high heaven that has pissed their pants and has a black alcohol turd smeared on their ass and is carrying everything they own in a shopping cart.
Unless the person is wanted for a mass murder, the police will not arrest or frisk such a person nor place them in the back seat of their cruiser to smell it up.
Hey partner, I don't care if that filthy bum stole that bottle of Thunderbird, as far as we are concerned he is arrest proof and he can walk!
by warnhubb September 23, 2006
You get a free pass professional courtesy when you get stopped by the cops for a traffic violation because you are an off-duty or retired cop and have a cop ID to flash when the officer requests your drivers license.

Cop's wives and girlfriends are also ticket proof and so are off-duty firefighters.

Nobody is ticket proof with the Arizona DPS, and with some California Highway Patrol officers. Don't count on your police ID to help you much if your breath smells like a brewery.

That trooper said he had me clocked at 95, good thing I'm ticket proof or that would have been one hell of an expensive ticket.
by warnhubb September 23, 2006
Paint used to cover up mistakes on paperwork. Known in the office supply store as: Liquid Paper, Correction Fluid and White Out.
You idiot, you can't spell worth a shit. Use some liquid stupid and fix those words on your report.
by warnhubb September 22, 2006
A term to identify a fat, overweight person
Wow, look at that Jenny Craig dropout, she must weigh in at 350 pounds dripping wet!
by warnhubb March 23, 2008
In Spanish meaning: Imense Baril de Mierda (Barrel of Shit) to describe some fat slob
Yolie really put on some weight, now she looks like a real I B M
by warnhubb December 07, 2006
A prison or jail uniform with black stripes.
They brought Leroy into the court room in his striped pajamas and that alone was enough to find him guilty.
by warnhubb September 23, 2006

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