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5 definitions by WarheD

A girl with big round breasts and a big round butt.
"Dude, you see that Double Bubble? Could turn her upside down and it would look like the same girl!"
by WarheD September 04, 2013
Kicking back but awake. Alive and kicking.
Guy1 - "Hey bro, what you up to?"
Guy2 - "Nada, just kickin' it live!"
Guy1 - "What?"
by WarheD September 04, 2013
Hot Chocolate or Cocoa but getting confused, i.e. brainfarting, and saying both at the same time.
Kid - “Hey mom, do you have any Hot ChoChotes?”
Mom – “Wait, what? Hot what?”
by WarheD September 04, 2013
Reversing the first letters of two words, Dumb and Cunts, whilst screwing it up entirely with a play on words to describe stupid women doing something stupid.
"You see those girls twerking over there? Typical Cum Dunts"
by WarheD September 04, 2013
Going over and above the call of duty to get something done or to get someone.
"I saw this insane looking girl at the gym the other day, perfect body and all. Guys were going Balls Over Nuts to get her phone number!"
by WarheD September 04, 2013