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A rugged man who cuts down trees and drives a big dump truck. He is sexy and hot. He typically smells like a fresh pine tree. The only man on earth who can take my breath away with a glance. Just to hear his voice gives me butterflies and makes my heart beat faster. He is on my mind everyday. When he calls me I light up with excitement.
Tree guy just looked at me and I am burning up with desire.
by Wandaful February 03, 2010
When someone says something that is lewd, crude and rude. Something very offensive and uncalled for.
Tom said to Leann "It's rock hard and I'm gonna put it in your face."

Leann was offended.

Leann's friend said "Dude, that was the 3 oods. You're a pig!"
by wandaful August 18, 2010
The guy who plows our complex after a snowstorm. More than once if it's a big storm. He is friendly and hard working. He hires others to shovel the walkways because he is too good to do so. Sometimes he runs the spreader and spreads sand, or salt. He's cute.
We just got 10 inches of snow and now I am waiting for Plow Guy to come clear the snow so I can get to work.
by Wandaful February 25, 2010
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