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an isolated man who refuses to compromise for sake of harmony; his personality will include the following homophobia, temper tantrums, shouting matches in distance, stalker-like tendencies, lupine delusions of grandeur
The man kills with his bare hands and rejects the pressures of civilized society. He is a treeguy. He communes with nature. He is at one with the trees and soil.
by clarusbearus November 16, 2009
12 2
A rugged man who cuts down trees and drives a big dump truck. He is sexy and hot. He typically smells like a fresh pine tree. The only man on earth who can take my breath away with a glance. Just to hear his voice gives me butterflies and makes my heart beat faster. He is on my mind everyday. When he calls me I light up with excitement.
Tree guy just looked at me and I am burning up with desire.
by Wandaful February 03, 2010
8 0