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An expression used in the music industry which means: To completely reinvent your style of music. This originates from the Radiohead album of the same name in which they completely reinvented their music.
1) Visually Impaired Placenta's new album is a complete Kid A.

2) Coldplay have done a Kid A.
by Wallamanage July 29, 2005
Said when a conman misunderstands a name.
This word(s) is best said in a Russian accent or by Marco Marino. It originates from a comedy sketch about a conman by the troupe in Visually Impaired Placenta.
(From the script:)

Chief Conman: Dr. Barkov...
Herbert: But my name's Herbert.
Chief Conman: (Pause) Dr. Barkov... do you know where you are?

(And so the script goes on)
by Wallamanage July 29, 2005
(Pronounced: Sy-man-gyou-la)

Something in the shape of a Simangle.
The squirrel was Simangular, so Simon had it shot.
by Wallamanage August 16, 2005
(Pronounced: Sy-man-gel.)

A shape which resembles Simon.

See Simangular.
Taylor: In what shape would you like your suit your lordship?

Lord Simon: Why a simangle of course.
by Wallamanage August 16, 2005
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