31 definitions by Wade

Homie G
Cristti Streeter is a koo nigga
by WADE April 30, 2003
The bricklayers definition of a schooner
Just going down the davo for a few quick schouies mate
by Wade January 21, 2005
Meaning that there are several options avalible optional
My foot hurts so you're going to have to drive. It's not optionable
by Wade November 23, 2004
To fall asleep when unwanted by the people who are around. Upon "bitching out" one should be antiqued. See antique.
Oh shit, the dumbass bitched out...
by Wade March 21, 2003
another word for having sexual intercourse, hard. Especially with a hot babe who loves to pork (see pork)
hey man, me and your girl are going to cut.
by wade October 27, 2004
a really hard kick directed at the anus by a realy angry person.
i was in k-mart when zack gistapo kicked me.
by wade February 03, 2005
another word for porking
hey man, i am going to tax you girl
by wade October 27, 2004

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