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Tipper sucks
Pronounciation of the above (Tahipper shux) Very funny piece of spieech off some random dudes spoken word ablbum which my friend has.
by Waalex October 13, 2003
when a male gets his bonga out and slaps someone with it
wow, that was a hard bonga slap by tom smith
by Waalex October 06, 2003
a retard in the secret language of marlom
meja si tardwind
by Waalex October 06, 2003
Waalex is my user name and these lame kids "Wilhelm""Skullpop" are utter gimps.
Waalex is cooler than Wilhelm and Skullpop.
by Waalex October 23, 2003
Waalex rules, no way a gimp, like aaron who sucks good charlotte and loves them but they suck. Aaron thinks hes hard but hes just a slapwhore
Waalex Rules
by Waalex October 06, 2003
instead of saying f'in f'er, say truckin trucker!
Rory, you leave those monkeys alone you truckin trucker.
by Waalex October 13, 2003

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