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The Rock n Roll clown. He does cocaine.
Seriously, Dr. Rockso does a LOT of cocaine.
by WaFul December 05, 2006
The owner of the Krusty Krab on Spongebob. He is also Jewish.
Mr. Krabs would kill for a penny.
by WaFul November 15, 2006
When a man masturbates in a cone chaped object, often an orange road cone, and ejaculates in it. The woman then licks it up, like a snow cone.
Hey, did you hear Steve gave Erica a Rochester Snow Cone?
by WaFul November 06, 2006
Any device such as a foot switch or boss key used to clear a computer screen of pornographic materials.
Eric used his sex clutch to hide his illegal "activities" from his parents who were completely clueless about his newly found lust
by WaFul November 30, 2006
A door buster is when you take a condon a stretch it out on a woman's ass and thrust until it pops and then you pump her love whole
I gave her a door buster if ya know what I mean....
by WaFul November 24, 2006
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