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1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2. Where a poker team came from and screwed Las Vegas
3. Where I want to go
4. The laid back and better version of Ivy league schools.
5. My Idiot Teacher
1. MIT is near Boston
2. MIT's are fucking stupid.
by WTF January 10, 2005
A tinker word for a non-tinker. Gadgie is to tinker, as gentile is to Jew.
Tomorrow we'll knock doors and sell some clothes-pegs to the gadgies.
by WTF July 08, 2004
Once (and still is) an original, provocative, and hilarious show, somewhat like the earlier Simpsons; now threatened to fall on the brink of appeasement for younger audiences, causing possible deterioration just like its predecessor became.
"Officer Barbrady: Oh wait I thought of something! ....Oh, never mind that was substraction"

Ah, too bad good things don't last forever
by wtf March 18, 2005
A city where everyone lives in lala land, having no idea what the real world is like and smoking pot is a full time job. Kids get a BMW as their first car and if they crash it they get a better one. Girls refuse to leave their multi-million dollar houses if no make up is available to put on. Montgomery mall seems to the mothership for all teenagers. Girls are easy, in order to fit in. Friends pass girls around like soap.
girl 1: wtf! my daddy bought me a fucking convertable BMW for my 16th birthday!

Girl 2: aw shit, what a bummer. Now what?

Girl 1: I think i'll crash it so i'll get a better one. I always wanted a Ferrari anyways.

Girl 2: Seriously. Like, BMW is for people who live in Silverspring or Gaithersburg. ew.
by wtf March 22, 2005
A variation of the many trainers one must battle in Pokemon Red/Blue/Green. They look like nerdy guys and often possess quite formidable pokemon.
Ash: Summoned Blastoise
Pokemaniac 5: Summoned Nidoking
Ash: Blastoise used bubblebeam
Pokemaniac 5: Nidoking used thrash
Ash: Blastoise used Headbutt
Pokemaniac 5: Nidoking used trash...Nidoking's attack missed!
Ash: Blastoise used ice beam
Nidoking fainted!
Ash received $4290, Blastoise gained 1203 exp.
Pokemaniac 5: Oh no! I can't believe i lost!
by wtf March 01, 2005
word combo, tragic and janky. origins is san jose, ca (bay area).
that new club is trajank.
by wtf March 23, 2005
1. Something squashed in between ass master and fudge packer.

2. A homosexual
Billy: Daddy, I love you
Daddy: Eh wat are ya, an frikkin arse miner?! *belch*
by wtf March 08, 2005
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