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A girl who seems nice and outgoing on the outside

but once you get to know her she is as
"shady as a fucking tree"

and she will also complain alot until you get tired of her
and mooch off you until you get sick and tired of it.

She will also lead you around trying to mess with your mind and emotions until you are broken

mentally physically and emotionally.
Dude 1: i saw your girl with another dude!!!
Dude 2: Damn she better not being pulling a valentina!!

Dude 1: dude this girl i like only goes to me when she wants something from me....
dude 2: Dang i hope isnt doing a valentina....

Chick 1: I saw "so and so" with a boyfriend last week and has another one this week
Chick 2: ooooooh i hope she isnt a valentina
by WOAH-OH-OH-AH-AH-OH-OH-AAAA-AH December 19, 2012

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