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Usually a Last name. May be confused for the name Ron with Damn in front of it. Damron is a great last name. Usually associated with amazing people.
Look at him he has to be a Damron.
by Vux February 15, 2013
The counter to the dreaded dutchoven.
While being the recipient of a dutchoven, one inhales as much of the ass-gas as possible, releasing it only after escaping by blowing it into targets face
Last night my boyfriend tried to give me a dutchoven, but I countered his punk ass with a snarfleblast.
by vux November 24, 2007
Obliviously a narcissistic, egocentric, just an all around, Imbecile. No one should confront them or anything. Also known to be a FilityMcNasty by many peope.
Ew that guy is such a Diablo Sanchez he is way to booshy.
by Vux February 15, 2013
A man/women who is above all just nasty. As in thong hanging out, ass showing, pants on the ground. They look like they eat at McDonalds Constantly. They need to work out, and or put on clothing that's not to small for them.
Wow, that girl in McDonalds is such a FilityMcNasty.
by Vux February 15, 2013

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