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Unbelievably unreliable piece of shit game console created by Microsoft. 65% Failure rate pretty much says it all. Possibly the worst electronic device of all time. If you are thinking about buying a Shitbox 360, save yourself the time and misery and just flush a few hundred dollars down the toilet and jam a cinder block up your own ass.
Dude 1_my xbox 360 quit working AGAIN!

Dude 2_what's that now, like 5 times that's happened? that's what you get for buying a shitbox 360 though.
by VulvaHammer October 13, 2010
an excellent phrase to rid of unwanted pests. it informs the other concerned party that their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to fuck off and then get killed.
religion peddler @ door_"have you found christ?"

me]_"no i haven't. i didn't even know he was missing."

religion peddler @ door_"take my beliefs seriously."

me_"fuck off and get killed."
by vulvahammer July 08, 2010
1. a term that is applicable when douche nozzle does not accurately describe the person or people in question.
2. an awesome fucking name to call people.
dude1: you see that queaf with his popped collar??
dude2: yeah, what a douche musket.
by vulvahammer November 21, 2009
a place or period of time devoid of poon.
like the irish potato famine, except with vagina in place of the potato.
Dude 1: "Dude, Michelle said she isn't putting out for a few weeks."

Dude 2: "That sucks dude. Fucking poon famine."
by vulvahammer October 05, 2009
-a fashion trend that has resulted from anorexia and malnourishment being depicted as, and associated with "beauty" by various celebrities and advertisements.
-the idea that intentionally starving oneself and looking like a death camp inmate is attractive and sexy.
-also a term used to describe any celebrity who looks as thought they just got released from Auschwitz.
Person A:
"Those Olsen twins look like they need to eat a fucking sandwich or something."

Person B:
"They're death camp chic."
by VulvaHammer April 28, 2010
a sexual move that involves sneaking up behind a girl and laying your junk on her shoulder and squawking like a parrot in a loud and obnoxious tone.
My girlfriend was typing a paper last night and it was the perfect opportunity to whip my junk out, perch it on her shoulder and squawk like a parrot. Hence, the ugly parrot.
by vulvahammer October 22, 2009
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