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10 definitions by Von Mannshaft

The sexual act of taking a dump into a mans open butthole and churning it up with an egg beater. The resulting poo will reflect that of somebody who eats Hot Pockets.

You, the pooper, proceed to take a massive bloody dump onto the other persons face and scream out "VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!"

Also known as the: "Ceizer Shavez"
Dude, what's the bloody mess all over your face?

It's Fred, he crapped on my face...

California Hot Pocket, huh?


by Von Mannshaft October 21, 2008
The mascot for scat loving freaks everywhere. He rates Scat Porn all across the internet and loves every second of it. Type his name into google and you shall witness the horror that is indeed, SCAT RAT.
Bro: Dude, check this out!

Dude: Is it scat rat approved?

Bro: Um, what?

Dude: If the Scat Rat hasn't approved it, then i can't groove it.
by Von Mannshaft October 20, 2008
A terrible wiener in which has been split into 4 parts. It is still under debate whether two of it's flaps used to be it's balls, but one thing is for certain...it exists...and it continues to plague internet forums around the world till this day. It's only one true weakness is the much dreaded octacock.

When somebody is attacked by a link to this dreaded starfish, it is known as Starfish Rolled. Not many have survived an encounter with this mighty beast...maybe one day the octacock will return and save us all.
Chuck: Hey Bill, check this out!

*Sends link to starfish wiener*

Bill: GOD DAMMIT! I've been Starfish rolled like 5 times today! GAH!!!!!!


Chuck: Bill? You there? oh no...the Starfish Wiener must have gotten him...
by Von Mannshaft October 27, 2008
What happens after you look up some form of disgusting porn with your friends: Your computer is plauged with millions of viruses so that it won't work correctly anymore...

This is useally the effect from watching to much scat porn with friends just to see if you can make yourself throw up. Also apples to other videos like pain olympics and such.
Some awesome kid: OMGZZZZ my computer won't work. Mom, get in here, something is wrong with the computer!!!

MOM: Looks like your computer has come down with a bad case of Scat-porn-atosis, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Damn, and here i thought i could easily feed my poo fetish via t3h internet...

Mom: Oh you kids...
by Von Mannshaft October 30, 2008
A sex move, where at the brink of climax, the man removes his 'junk' (lolz) from which ever hole he's chosen to pillage, put his dick on his wrist facing forward, and when he shoots a load off he makes his hands look like Spiderman's hands...this way it looks like you're shooting a think web outta your wrist.


it's pretty fuckin' hot, no?
OH shit! Johnny just pulled a Spiderman in the locker room showers! That fucker got it everywhere!
by Von Mannshaft November 05, 2008
When you crap off a high-dive onto the girl sprawled out in the empty pool hundreds of feet below. When the turd finally reaches the girl below, it hits her body with such velocity that it leaves a massive bruse resembleing a crator from a bomb. If several truds hit the girl, then it lookes like a B-52 plane just flew over and dropped several bombs in a row.

this act is almost comletly only preformed in Japan, hense the name.
Mico: Dude, i just preformed a Japanese Bombing Run!

Tom: Goddamn japanese...
by Von Mannshaft October 17, 2008
(Also known as SAS Syndrom)

An illness in which your throat splits off to form another passage way. So now you have one for air, one for food, and a newly formed throat-hole for sookin' deeks (Throating wieners). This new esophagus extends from the mouth to the rectum, and in some cases, a man with a MASSIVE 10 ft long wiener case stick in all the way down and out your butt. Thereby making you a shish kabob....

**SAS Almost always occurs in: Gypsys, whores, Gypsy Whores, prostitues, prostitots, and Whore dogs named Ginger...
Bill: Dude!

Dude: What?

Bill: did you here about Garrett?

Dude: no! what??!!

Bill: He came down with a nasty case of shish kabob of shame syndrom from throating too many dicks.

by Von mannshaft November 05, 2008