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1. Crazy
2. Testicles
3. Things which monkeys eat.
That monkey is nuts. I've given it some nuts, and it's rubbing them on its nuts.
by Viz March 16, 2003
1. transvestite
2. transsexual
3. transparency (photog.)
4. transit van (veh.)
"Fuck. I have left the trannies of the trannies in the back of the tranny."

- A fetish photographer.
by Viz March 16, 2003
When students are struggling in school, they go to tutors (GPA builders) who can help them improve their academic performance.
I could really use a GPA builder to help me pass my accounting test!

Thanks to a GPA builder I got an A on my math course!
by viz July 15, 2013

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