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A person with extensive acne.
"One word, braille face: dermotologist"
by Singleweird August 01, 2005
14 6
A girl you bring home to sport fuck that has such extreme acne a blind person could read her face.
Man 1 - I can't believe you brought home that Braille Face last night.
Man 2 - Give me a break I drank a fifth before we went out last night.
by Porkys PTA August 08, 2010
7 0
An extremely ugly person.
Wendy was a cute kid, but she's grown into quite the braille face.
by Vironex July 24, 2006
8 4
A person who, even in the dark, when you touch their face, makes you vomit in your mouth from their hideousness.
Man that girl's a butterface"..."naw, she's a Braille-face...she'd be ugly even with the lights out
by brokenxpunk December 23, 2010
0 2