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6 definitions by Virginconversionunit

A sexual manouevre involving 5 guys and 1 girl. All holes and hands filled.
The guys were having a good laugh because they gave the local whorebag a screaming eagle last night.
by virginconversionunit August 09, 2004
418 179
Whilst plugging a girl you attempt to stick your nuts in her box or arse as well. The difficulty of doing this is equivalent to getting a dog to take a bath.
I gave the bitch a dog in the bath.
by virginconversionunit March 24, 2004
55 8
A female. Derived from the fact that they possess a split and an arse.
Come here you stupid splitarse!
by virginconversionunit March 29, 2004
62 17
Synonym for female genitals (slang). pussy vagina cunt
Show us your snav!
Nice looking snav you've got there.
by Virginconversionunit February 12, 2004
36 18
"Mystery Inch Between Arse and Sack." Also known as the gooch.
Fuck my MIBAS is itchy!
by virginconversionunit March 29, 2004
20 6
1. Female genitalia.
2. A female.
3. A uniform break in something, often fabric.
1. Show us your split, bitch!
2. Come here you stupid split!
3. There was a split in my pants
by virginconversionunit April 01, 2004
68 65