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n. 1: intellectually stimulating material found on the Internet. 2: having or displaying a qwantz nature. 3: large green tyrannosaurus rex who often gets himself into trouble due to his childlike innocence of the nature of our harsh world.
"The qwantz in qwantz is qwantz."
by VileTerror February 04, 2004
Not nearly as much fun as necromancy.
"I'd rather force the undead to be my slaves than have sexual intercourse with a dead body, thank you very much."
by VileTerror February 03, 2004
exclamation, informal: Used as a friendly greeting. Derived from the colloquial "oi" and common "hello" to form a neologism of the Twenty First Century.
I walked in to the room and said "Oyllo" with a friendly smile and waved slightly. Everyone looked at me as if I were crazy.
by VileTerror June 30, 2013

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