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Fish that eats scum from the bottom of the tank
Do one you pleco!
by Victoria March 22, 2004
Full, highly lipsticked lips
Scope out the lascivilips on that babe.
by Victoria December 10, 2003
A large, pasty-like metal ornament used to adorn a pierced nipple.
Few people thought it was by accident that Mr. Timberlake's hand snaked across Ms. Jackson's torso as he reached the lyric, "I'll have you naked by the end of this song," and tore off one bustier cup, releasing a breast partly obscured by a sunburst-shaped nipple brooch.
Allessandra Stanley, New York Times, Feb. 3, 2004
by Victoria February 03, 2004
An item that causes constipation.
Cheese is a delicious constipant.
by Victoria June 07, 2003
Rooted from the popular term "Fucken-A", Farken-O means pretty much the same thing.

1) To show great unhappiness about something.
2) To curse something or someone.
3) a slang term used to express ones anger through vulgarity.
"Someone ran into my car! Farken-O!"
by Victoria July 13, 2004
Jelly bracelets are used both as a fashion statement and as a sex thing. Not everyone who wears them is wearing them for sex. If they are used for the sex game, the meanings of the colors vary from area to area. Normally, though, a general guide to the colors is available if you search "jelly bracelets" on the web (Yahoo, Google, etc.).
I wear blue bracelets for oral and guys snap them off my arms to get head. (THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE, I DON'T GIVE GUYS HEAD FOR SNAPPING MY BRACELETS)
by Victoria November 27, 2003
a Canadaian fan of Kalan Porter.
Kalan Porter
i am 100% Kalanadian!
by Victoria March 14, 2005
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