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Severely damaged. Reduced to a state of collapse. Ruined.
Our traffic figures were good until the website got jived.

We ignored our customers, it nearly jived our whole business.

It used to work but it's jived now.

Can we fix it? No it's jived.
#rubber-ducked #buggered #hcgj #snafu #bolloxed #screwed
by Version2 August 12, 2010
To do a Bucky is to adopt a false persona in order to conceal one's homosexuality. Named after the fictitious, gay cowboy H. C. G. J. Bucky who believed that raising a ruckus would divert attention from his true nature.
That chap in the stetson keeps talking about hookers and blow. Is he demented?

No, he's just doing a Bucky. He's really as gay as a party frock.
#gay cowboy #ruckus #stetson #hcgj #hookers blow
by Version2 September 25, 2010
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