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a CEO who sneaks around responsibilities and the law for personal gain
Bernie Ebbers of WorldCom was a Sneak-E-O.
Jeffrey Skilling of Enron was a Sneak-E-O.
Kenneth Lay of Enron was a Sneak-E-O.
Dennis Kozlowski of Tyco was a Sneak-E-O.
Richard Scrushy of HealthSouth was a Sneak-E-O.
Sam Waksal of ImClone was a Sneak-E-O.
John Rigas of Adelphia Communications was a Sneak-E-O.
Gregory Reyes of Brocade Communication Systems was a Sneak-E-O.
Joe Nacchio of Qwest Communications was a Sneak-E-O.
James McDermott Jr. of Keefe, Bruyette & Woods was a Sneak-E-O.
by Vernacula November 11, 2010
to watch something again with lustful, nosey, or morbid interests.
the horny: "Was that a nip slip?! I've got to creeplay that"

the intrusive: "Remember Steve from middle school? I've been creeplaying this video he posted on his wall, he's got six kids now, can you believe it!"

the macabre: "I couldn't tell if his arm really did get chopped off. So I creeplayed it. It did."
by Vernacula October 16, 2010

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