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A young female who pretends to be in a fun-seeking group of females but is actually a paid or commissioned representative of a club with expensive bottle service, usually in Las Vegas.
I thought she was from Nebraska for a bachelorette party, but she skipped out once we bought the $500 bottle. I guess she was a Hostriss.

I'm done with dancing, this time for good. I'll just be a hostriss 'til the semester at UNLV ends.
by VennData November 12, 2009
Christians in name only.
Those fans spitting on the other teams' mascot and cheering for Tim Tebow were chrinos.

The crusader cursed the defender of Constantinople as he impaled him in the name of Christ him for calling the invaders chrinos.
by VennData January 15, 2012
An unattractive person one intends to have sex with.
"I was horny, so I picked up some rudester."

"My doorman saw me come home with another rudester, I wish my building had a rudester entrance."

"Nice plans. Lot's of square footage, but where's the rudester entrance?"
by VennData October 23, 2009

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