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1.A person whose personal loud noise disturbs your peace.

2. A person who owns a rooster in a residential area.
1. My sunny cloudless blissful day at the beach was ended abruptly when a rudester with a boom box staked out a place in the sand next to me and started blaring his favorite tunes.

2. My neighbor acquired a pet rooster who screeches hourly, thus ending any hope for a daytime nap in my own home, what a rudester!
by three teens is enough September 11, 2010
An unattractive person one intends to have sex with.
"I was horny, so I picked up some rudester."

"My doorman saw me come home with another rudester, I wish my building had a rudester entrance."

"Nice plans. Lot's of square footage, but where's the rudester entrance?"
by VennData October 23, 2009

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