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This is the official term to describe that moment when someone walks near, into, overhears your conversation at the worst possible moment, even if the subject is benign.
Person A: So I was watching this movie yesterday, and there was this hooker snorting a line of cocaine of the table.

Person C: Whoa! Hookers and Cocaine? What did I just miss?

Person B: Nothing, dude. Just proving the Couch Theory.
by Vanish29 September 17, 2010
A weird shiny person who obsesses over a certain college football teams and Chuck Norris.
All the noob in the barrens chat are hodges'
by Vanish29 April 29, 2008
Drafting teacher by day, Ninja by night
Holy crap! He's superman.
No, he's a Russel
by Vanish29 January 18, 2008
The only reason this guy took over all of Europe and be French at the same time was because he was short. It took all of his normal height to counteract the French brand of cowardice.
Hey look at the short person.
Shutup, you retard. I'ma goanna take over the world like my brother Napoleon Bonaparte did. Short people for the win!
by Vanish29 March 12, 2008

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